Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Elements: Path, Trees, Fog and Sunlight

Location: Footpath off Camp Road, Cannock Chase

I intended to go for a walk on the Chase today, but the elements distracted me for a lot of the morning.  What was misty first thing descended into thick fog as the sun rose.  The Chase is high ground in our area and the sun did break through quite quickly, but except for the highest points did not burn off the mist completely.  What was even more surprising was that when I left and got into lower areas the fog remained thick until mid morning.

I met a couple of other photographers while out. I think we were all revelling in the conditions.  It's good to chat to other photographers and I like to take time to understand how they are looking to interpret the scene.  I know I tend to look wide and it helps me to see other peoples interpretations of the same thing.

When I got home I had to take a quick shot of our cat, it being National Black Cat Day.  I remember hearing that black cats aren't that popular for adoption and this is one of the reasons the day was formed.  I've got to say in the three and a half years since Fleur joined the family, we've had masses of pleasure from her companionship.

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