Colours of Autumn

at the Vyne today :)

Early morning haircut, supermarket and then off to the Vyne on a glorious sunny morning!

Trouble was, by the time I got there at 11am the world and his wife, along with loads of screaming yelling kids were also there.  I briefly went round the gardens and managed to find (unbelievably for the end of October, a few bees including this one and a large butterfly too.  

Then I went for a coffee, but couldn't get into the cafe, people were coming out of the I gave that amiss and went for a walk in the woods!  Complete bliss and peacefulness...  

The blip is on the way back.  I really couldn't decide what to blip today though (and sadly have no extras left).  The rest are in  Flickr including this fabulous fungi :)

Amazingly I have walked 3 miles today through the woods a different way to usual, plus the supermarket and when I got home I had a rest and a bite to eat, followed by some gardening....

I think I deserved my trout with carrots and kale tonight!  

Question for you long would you steam kale for??  I steamed it for about 5 minutes with carrots.  They were perfect, but the kale was quite tough?

Happy Saturday folks :)

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