It hasn’t been too difficult finding pink/purple things for Pinktober because as many of you will know, pink and various shades of it happen to be my favourite colour.

I decided that for today, instead of going out, I would try and find some of the pink gifts that people have given me over the years.  At least three of the gifts were given to me by Blip friends - and at least three were given to me by friends who have since died, but all the gifts have special memories for me.

The pink hearts are the ones I have bought and give out every day - and today there are 29 - I wonder who will count them just to make sure?

We have just spoken to our son in Vietnam - the time difference of seven hours can be difficult, and after ringing him about four times last weekend, it was good to catch up with him eventually and we chatted for about 45 minutes - we are grateful to our other son who gets us cheap phone calls - so we knew it wouldn’t “break the bank”!  Our son did say that it was very cold in Vietnam and at the moment and because he is up in the Highlands, he is feeling it because it is only 26/27 and they are used to it being up in the mid 30s.  

Only two more days of Pinktober and for us to remember to click on this link, so that those less fortunate may have a free mammogram - but you can still click even in November!  

I am feeling rather “pinked out” but having said that, it has been great fun - and I am very grateful to all those who left lovely comments, stars and hearts for yesterday’s Extremely Silly Saturday Blip, which got it on to the Popular Pages.

Even after all this “pinkness” has finished on Blip, let’s also continue to remember all those battling cancer - and particularly those near and dear to us and support them in whatever way we can.

For I know the plans 
     I have for you,” 
          says the Lord. 
“They are plans for good 
     and not for disaster, 
          to give you a future 
               and a hope.
Jeremiah 29:11 - New Living Translation

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