Not so much an emergency... lack of gruntle.
In fact I've been a wee bit disgruntled most of the day.
HOW COME it accepts disgruntled but NOT "gruntle"? 
As if I didn't know.
We noticed one of the pitchers had its lid on & wondered if that = a successful catch?
I don't know WHAT mischief I got up to in my sleep, but I woke up this morning and got downstairs before I noticed the "Stepometer" band was on my wrist with a hole where said stepometer ought to be.
I didn't know it could be removed easily while still on the wrist.
It was well after lunch before I had the brainwave to look in the bed ... it wasn't there, it was tidily placed on the bedside table near where my specs come to roost.
How the great, grey-green, greasy, Limpopo I managed to remove it and put it tidily where it was I have NO idea and I didn't drink a lot before you ask.
In consequence today's total is running at 611 paces. 
Methinks a spot of Wii-ing is called for just to try and get it more respectable.
Since 21:00 5th December, last year; I've used Alice as an excuse. It is true that for almost 10 years I walked neither farther, nor faster, than Alice could manage with her dicky-ticker.
I think some of my lack of gruntle is due to how long it's taking me to improve; maybe it's old age and deformity. 
I set an incredibly low target of 4k paces, recently upping it to 4.1k. Having achieved that for quite a while it'll now be up to 4.2 since I clocked up 5,971 yesterday; cheers Jerra/Clicky.

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