Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Going Home

I should be used to it after all these years of spending time in the mountains, but it always amazes how the weather can change dramatically from one day to the next. After yesterday's perfect day we woke up to low cloud and rain, with snow falling higher up on the mountains. It did not really matter as we had to pack up to go back home.

We always love Zurich airport as it is always so calm and civilised, everything works like clockwork and there are never any queues - but today it was so busy and there were long queues to get through passport control so we were pleased we had given ourselves enough time to get through all the check points. We found out that it is school holidays there, hence the long queues, something we have never seen there before.

As we landed at Heathrow and they announced you could now use your phones, my phone rang and it was Luke to say he was thrilled to hear that following on from the final interview last Monday, he has got the internship next summer with EY, which was his first choice firm. These summer internships are so competitive and they certainly put you through many tests in the application process, but once you get the internship you can be quite confident of a full time graduate position after you finish university, so its very good news for him.

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