Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Opera House

I am catching up with myself again, as we got home extremely late last night to even think about blipping.

This is a real drive-by shooting! Taken from a moving car driving home! Believe it or not, Muscat had an Opera House a couple of years before Dubai, and we had a chance to go for a performance on Saturday night, except what they had on wasn't anything I had ever heard of.

Another leisurely day... the best thing was hearing from the web developer. We have decided to leave tonight even if it means arriving very late, so we can start Monday in Dubai... G & Hilde went down to the pool for a swim whilst I packed and caught up with a few blip journals!

We went out in the cool of the day... to explore a new zigzag road I spotted on my last visit, and again on the way in this time. It looks fascinating. I actually wanted to capture it rather than drive on it, but there you go. Next time.

That done, we headed to a supermarket that bakes bread which is good enough for Hilde to put on her breakfast table. We actually ended up buying a few loaves of bread to bring back with us! And then we headed to an Iraqi restaurant to eat a very particular fish which only they serve (masgouf). Unfortunately, it takes an hour to prepare and we didn't have that, so G & Hilde ordered another fish dish. And last but not least, we tried out the first locally produced handmade ice cream. They do a charcoal ice cream which Hilde tried. It was a dark grey colour, and I don't think it is made just for this season.

Finally got on our way around 9:15... on the Sultan Qaboos Highway rather than the Muscat Expressway... A good journey back which took five hours. Got an on-street parking space even!

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