Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Sandy the Camel

(That really is the name of this camel who had to be my blip today as I have not gone out)

Think it was 3:30 am that I finally got into bed. And pretty much the next thing I knew, it was 8:30. Yikes!

Not much to say about the day except it didn't quite go to plan! G had a Skype lesson scheduled for 9:30 pm; an hour late(r) thanks to the clocks going back yesterday! I spent much of the afternoon/early evening trying to fix a laptop, or rather, back it up in order for the operating system to be reinstalled on it. It always amazes me how times flies when you troubleshoot a laptop. :(

Penultimate #BCAM2017 blip. It's been a real struggle this year! I hope you will take a moment to click on this link to help donate free mammograms. Thank you.

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