One tonne ..........

 .............. or 1,000 kilos or 2,205 lbs ...............

The amount of gravel I have hand-shovelled and spread today to "top-up" our front driveway (and it still wasn't quite enough!!) - I was expecting that amount to be a bit more than it was!!
The tipper driver was greeted with "Hello, Pete ....... is that it??" after I looked in the back of his truck ..... the response  "I told you a tonne wasn't a lot!"
It only drizzled for the first hour, during the second and third hour the sun made a weak appearance!   :o))

Never mind, I can always order another load when my back can stand it!!
Still, it looks a lot better than it did.

Since Himself had the stroke in May it's down to me to do the "heavy" stuff ..... not sure why I haven't lost any weight though!!  (maybe it's the profiteroles I ate for lunch??  They are so light surely they can't have MANY calories in them??)

Am all behind once again with a couple of journal gaps - I have the photos but the days disappeared like "booooof".

~ Anni ~

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