If you can't beat them...

By Jerra


I met Don on his first day at infant school and we have been friends ever since, growing up almost like brothers.  He flew out to Canada to get married and live a week after I got married.

About once a year I get a phone call telling me he is back in the country and we arrange a meet.  Don being Don it is generally arranged in a rush and last  minute.  A couple of days ago I got such a call, so we arranged to meet in a pub where we had spent quite a bit of time 40+years ago.

I hadn't expected the meet to be so long, I really should know better by now, so I didn't get any blips.  So this is a sort of emergency blip.  It is however appropriate as he lives right in the middle of the range covered by the Pitcher plants.  This one started life as a tiny little thing with a few little pitchers now it is 36cm high has had 3 flowers this year and about a dozen pitchers.

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