All Lit Up

Sunday I had a little sleep in...and I needed it.  Then, I had to jump into some projects.  There was some cookin'....and cleanin'....and so on.  Then, Sugar and I had to grout some tile behind our new wood stove.  I have never grouted before....and it was pretty much a messy project.  I learned a lot, and Sugar was a great helper.  

Sugar was happy when our project was over, because that meant we had time to carve pumpkins.  I wasn't so much in the mood, but I pulled through, and made a super easy kitty and starts.  Sugar had a pineapple in mind, but things went south quickly.  She isn't so great with a knife....mostly because I never let her use one.  She had to do some problem solving, and while I made dinner she busted out the one on the right.  We are pleased with the results, and in somewhat of a Halloween spirit now.

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