Foolin' Around

Saturday, I tried to sleep in, but everyone in the house was against me.  The cat....the dog.....The Hubby....and Sugar.  Everyone wanted me up.  I did resist, and get a bit of morning reading in.  My reading pace has slowed down this Fall.  I was really cruising through the books this year....and now, I'm struggling to stay awake to read. many books to read....and too tired to do it.  

Sugar and did chores, and worked on some math for a big part of the day.  We watched a few of our shows as well.  Then we got ready to go meet one of Sugar's friends and her mom at a community Halloween Skate Party.  The girls had a great time skating, while us mom chatted.  It was a 4 hour event, but we left after 2 hours to get pizza and ice cream.  These girls don't see each other much anymore, as they are no longer at the same school, so it was really nice to have some one on one time to catch up.  It has been since August that they last had a chance for just the two of them.  It was good....and fun...and exactly what my girl wanted.  

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