It's the first time that just Reegan and myself have been for a walk in a while. He was totally up for it today. Indeed, I'm not sure I've ever seen him get quite so excited about going out with me - and he always gets pretty excited! A route that was once a major expedition for him, he pretty much ran around today, succeeding on getting me on my backside trying to keep up. It's been amazing to witness him get fitter and fitter. He's a very bright little dog. When he goes out with his principal human he walks at an appropriately sedate pace. When the lead is in my hand, he tears off to the gate, almost yanking my wrist from my arm! 

Now, I have a bone to pick with you all! Why, oh why, did nobody tell me about Great British Bake Off? I was a GBBO virgin before this year, only hearing about the show because of its move from the BBC to Channel 4. I read an article about Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding as the new presenters. I've always loved them both on TV and thought it would be fun to see them together, whatever they were presenting. I tuned into the first show and, of course, was instantly hooked. It's the perfect formula for an entertainment show. I can imagine how sorry the BBC was to lose it, but from what I've gathered, the show hasn't suffered in any way. What I fail to understand is that there are millions of viewers who have not followed the show across channels. WTF? Is there still a huge chunk of Middle England that doesn't know how to find Channel 4 on their television sets. That thought made me sad. The whole series made me abundantly happy! Now, to get the box sets of all the previous series!!

When my mum came to visit we watched the show together with Forrest and he got hooked too. After watching the new Bladerunner film together he told me he couldn't stop for a drink because he had to rush back to watch the latest episode that's he'd recorded earlier that evening - before he found out what happened on social media. He was devastated when the adorable Liam was cast away. He was my favourite too - but no complaints with the eventual choice of winner!

Please don't keep me in the dark again.

PS I don't want to get into trouble either, so I should let you know - it being Halloween and all that, which actually completely passed me by - that I'm totally hooked on Stranger Things 2. It's even better than the first series. Not normally my genre, but it's just done so, so very well. 

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