It's Been A Long Time Coming

This afternoon I got an email confirming that I have been accepted as a Chartered Engineer, and will become a member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers. This really has been a long time coming.

Back in the early 1990's, whilst at university I was a student member of the IMechE, but due to the nature of my degree I was eligible for direct membership. Not long after, the minimum requirement for membership was a masters degree, something that was very unlikely for me to attain. I also had colleagues at various times tell me it was a waste of time. I pretty much gave up on it for probably the best part of 20 years.

I can't recall how, but I found out, someone told me I think, that your career learning could count towards your membership. Hopefully the 20 or so years of a reasonably varied career would be useful.

I went through quite an arduous process of confirming my career learning through a number of assessments, that finally allowed me to apply for membership. An 'interview' followed in early September at the Institute's Westminster offices. I found this a very difficult meeting and really didn't have much confidence following it.

Work, however, did, and they got new business cards printed with the post nominals they believed I would achieve. I got these today on my way home.

There are lots of people who are chartered engineers out there, in all fields of engineering doing everything from the mundane through to the absolutely awe inspiring and I feel very proud to now be one of them.

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