By CoffeePotter

Platform Views

See what I did there? No ? Never mind.
I took this whilst waiting for a train at Snowhill Station in Birmingham yesterday evening, after my very last day ever in the office (probably ..........I'm not promising).
I don't finish officially until next Wednesday, but shall be working from home on Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday. 
You may just be able to make out some light between the box thing part-way up the left side of the left-hand building - this was the sparks coming from the welding that was going on up there. I don't know what the building is - there is currently a lot of construction going on at the moment in Birmingham.
My last day didn't go too well - in fact it was awful, but I shan't dwell on that. It's a shame that after over 47 years of working, that my last day should be ruined like that - but that's life I guess.

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