Life through the lens...

By ValC

A poppy to remember.

On the 15th January 1945 a Lancaster bomber was returning from a successful raid over Germany.
On board were seven crew. All young men in their twenties, the oldest being only 24.
The plane had been diverted because of bad weather.
It was heading to land at Langham, Norfolk.
The visibility was very bad due to rain and low cloud, and it struck the RAF radar pylon at Board Hill, Salthouse.
Six of the crew died instantly, and the seventh died in hospital a few hours later.

This morning we had a walk up to Salthouse Heath, and in amongst the gorse and bracken we discovered the rusty remains of that pylon, and a single poppy.
This is always placed here by the local people during Remembrance week.
A fitting tribute to those brave lads who gave their lives for us all.

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A view from the Heath looking over Salthouse.
Beautiful pink Nerines, which are like weeds in all the gardens.
The goats which are helping to manage the heathland.

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