By redridergirl

A return


I don't quite know what to say. I found myself somehow reminded of Blip about 20 minutes ago, leading to a wistful and nostalgic look over my old posts, and a glance around at what the site is like now.

And then.. that add new entry button. Should I? 

Why not? 


It has been over three years since my last post, and over ten (my nicolas cage) since my first post, back when Blip was medium grey and not blinding white (a background which I still sorely miss, I must admit.) 

In the interim, a lot's happened, as things are wont to do. I won't waste breath or your patience summarizing. Suffice to say I'm more or less the same old redridergirl, just a tiny fraction more educated and seasoned. Mostly with salt. 

In camera news, my dear D300 has mostly languished in the case, in the closet. In March of this year, I made the discovery that my partner (who is decidedly not a photographer or even remotely interested in photography) had purchased a "camera kit" at an auction, and it had also been languishing in a closet. He had entertained the idea of selling it on ebay for a profit, but for whatever reason the thought died out and the camera stayed in the safety of the closet. 

Upon opening the gear box it was stored in, to my great delight, I discovered a beautiful medium format film camera, replete with three primes, a panoply of filters, a flash, and various accessories. 

Many (probably too many) hundreds of dollars later, I've had everything CLA'd to delicious working order, and have since discovered a love of film. 

One scanner and box of darkroom items later, here I am, merrily developing my own film in the kitchen sink (though the color film, I must admit, I am too afraid of - it gets brought to a local shop.) 

So, I suppose, here begins my return, and obligate back-Blipping of the film I've shot since March, and maybe some of the digital stuff from before too. 


Tech specs, for the curious: 

Kowa Six MM, 55mm, f/16, 14 sec.

Kodak Tri-X 400, developed in HC-110.

Epson V600 scan. 

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