By redridergirl

An afternoon out walking the blocks around the apartment, Kowa in tow. 

Next purchase I think will need to be a better neck strap - going to have to get one specially made. The designers at Kowa, unfortunately, decided to make their own proprietary strap system, so no other straps will fit onto the offered bolts. Thankfully the person who bought the camera had also got the strap, because they're quite rare and hard to find. It's made of dreadfully thin leather, and came with a horrific rubber "guard," I assume meant to rest on the back of your neck. Problem is, it's got tiny triangular nubs all over, so you can make the unwieldy four+ pound camera rest on an even smaller bit of your neck. 

Part of me thinks the folks at Kowa were masochists, part of me thinks this is them telling me I really should be shooting on a tripod. 

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