Garden After a Light Rain

Here are the beds of winter vegetables, happy to have gotten a good soak. In the foreground is the little mandarin tree, not quite three feet tall, but heavy with fruit for the first time. Behind it is a hefty rhubarb plant, from which I made a pie just the other day. The pie was gone in a couple days. Some of us eat pie for breakfast, lunch and dinner if it is sitting there on the counter. In the front are white and purple Earl of Essex iris, which seem determined to bloom off season in three different places in the yard. Way back by the trash can is a sad little peach tree, which will be yanked out and replaced later this year; it went in during the drought and never quite got established. Don't worry, I won't describe every last leaf and flower. It's a sleepy garden, and peaceful. It's nice to have some rain so early in the season.

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