By J0shua

Behind the

Every morning is a new beginning. The pain and suffering of the night before are gone. However, some things need to be done to get moving again. Muscles require lots of movement to get the blood flowing. It usually takes 15 minutes of light exercise to be operational, but the pain is gone. This morning I was operational quicker than usual, which is either good luck or the sign of recovery, I suspect the former.

The day was dreary, cold, overcast, light rain and windy. So my sister and went out to lunch with dad. Food was ok; dessert was excellent. Got home, rested (got this photo while resting) and then did a big 50-minute exercise session. Cooked some dinner with my sister and every day I feel like I improve, despite the fact, there are lots of recovery still to be done.

Loved how the light played with vertical blinds.

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