Fisherman's Dream

It was drizzling when we left the house around noon. By the time we made it to Jim's in Bellefonte, to toss a pair of Italian hoagies in the cooler, the rain had stopped and the sky had begun to clear.

We decided to take a little stroll along Spring Creek at Fisherman's Paradise, local catch-and-release waters famous to fly fishermen around the world. Here's a shot of the same stream from May of this year, when the water was higher and all the trees were green.

It's easy hiking on the gravel-lined trail that winds along the creek, and so we walked around a bit. Eventually, my husband and I returned to my car, nabbed a hoagie from the cooler, and split it while sitting at a bench along the water. (The second one, we saved to enjoy later, at home.)

The foliage show has been a bit uneven, but there are amazing stands of color here and there. In this shot, a young woman was standing along the creek, amid the colors, with her line in the water. It looked like a scene from a fisherman's happy dream.

The song: Carly Simon, with Fisherman's Song.

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