By schorschi

Klapperkiste or Old Banger

Play on words by the local Stork Brewery - storks are said to make their calls by clacking their bills (klappern in German). A Kiste is a case and an old bone shaking car is a Klapperkiste but in this case it's meant to mean a case of (stork clacking) beer. If you own a Piaggio APE & live in the area, the brewery will convert it free of charge as in the above livery & you get a T-shirt & 3 cases of beer a year!

The Brewery is based in the village of Pfaffenhausen with just over 2000 inhabitants. They don't soup up the 1 cylinder, 12HP Piaggio diesel but in the village you will also find the company Ruf who are manufacturers in their own right using Porsche parts. Here you can get for around 400,ooo GBP a car with 700HP & a top speed of 230mph.

PS if you happen to hit the Stork Brewery Link above make sure you then click on the "Über 16 Jahre" box at bottom of screen (assuming you are over 16) otherwise you will get the message that they look forward to greeting you in a few years.
PPS they have a live cam to a local stork nest & are big sponsors of bird protection funds.
PPS Ruf Cars have an online shop. See they have a nice tuning kit for your standard porsche turbo. Cost 85,000 Euros + 19% VAT - but couldn't find PayPal box to click.

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