Life in a Northern Town

By kagsy


We decided to wear the dog out with a long walk so she'd sleep through the fireworks tonight (wishful thinking...) Our first choice was to walk across the moors to overlook the farm in the middle of the M62 but that route was a full-on swamp, so we went down the valley towards Scammonden instead. We lost the path pretty quickly but managed to get back to the road with no broken ankles - we were observed by some sinister looking sheep (see extras) and the sun was producing some weird spotlight effects (another extra) too. The colours were amazing, and the clouds blowing across the sun treated us to some incredible shadows - even some crepusculars (final extra) although I suspect my filter was on a little wonky for that one....

Back to Buckstones Edge where we cheered to find the ice-cream van. The main Blip is taken from there (looks much better large), it never fails to uplift my spirits up there, always dramatic whatever the weather and a reminder of what an insignificant dot I am in the scheme of the universe. Philosophy and a 99 - I call that a result. 

Tune. How beautiful Jared is. 

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