By don_T

Fabulous Saturday!!!

Started by taking my sweetie to the rowing club for a sunrise row on the river and i went to the yoga studio to teach my weekly Pilates/yoga class. I then went back to pick up my sweetie and joined his crew for breakfast. I had a lunch date with my favorite yoga teacher colleague and we agreed that next time our better halves would join us as we were sure they would hit it off. My friend then said "what are you doing tonight?". So after my afternoon hair appointment we went to their house for martinis & appies then walked to a lovely local Italian restaurant. Espresso and dessert was back at their beautiful home with the most amazing little dogs, Lucy and Lady, who loved my sweetie. Our friends are multi talented and performed a few songs for us: singing, guitar, piano, cello, WOW! My friend's hubby is a serious marathoner and blew me away when he told me he raced the Disneyworld trifecta and i insisted on seeing his medals. I tried to sign up for the January 2018 5k but it was sold out. They offered to go with next year to do this run, i am so excited!

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