Good morning Blippers - Freddie Frog here

It was a full moon a couple of nights ago and the sky has been clear, so it’s fair to say that just lately the weather has been rather chilly at night, which doesn’t bother me too much but I don’t like to be frozen stiff.

I spend most of my days in the pond next door to where Mr. & Mrs. HCB live, but they have so many big fish in there that it gets a bit crowded at times and of course, I prefer to stick out my tongue and catch a tasty little morsel.

Last night, I hopped under the fence between the gardens and decided that I would search for a comfortable place for the night, having heard Mr. HCB say that the temperatures could go down to -2C - you can see the frost on the leaves if you look carefully.

There are a lot of places in his garden that I could have bedded down, but I rather fancied the strawberry bed - there’s lots of straw underneath the plants - Mr. HCB knows his stuff - and you won’t believe this, but there are even plants still flowering and strawberries growing!  I don’t think they’ll last long in this weather though, so after I found a comfortable spot, I settled down for the night, amongst the strawberries, having munched on a couple of little spiders and woodlice.

I slept well until that woman in the pink robe and slippers came poking around this morning - what does she look like?  The one good thing about her being all in pink is that you can see her coming!  I kept well hidden while she was taking photographs - I heard her telling Mr. HCB that she had found a frog and then WHOOSH, I frightened her to death by jumping from one place to another.  That’ll teach her to come disturbing me early in the morning!

Anyway, this is the view I had from sitting on the edge of the strawberry bed - I’m all alone again, that pink robed woman having run off screaming - what does she expect when she starts poking around?  I’m going to start practising my jumping so that the next time she starts her tricks with that black box of hers, I will give her the fright of her life!

I hope all you Blippers find plenty of frogs today.

With love from Freddie xx

P.S.  I was worried that Mrs. HCB might try to kiss me but I understand she is a happily married woman, so that let me off the hook!

“Kiss a frog 
     with your eyes wide open. 
If he turns into a prince 
     you won't miss the transformation, 
          but if he doesn't, 
               you won't be fooled 
                    by some wishful illusion in your head.” 

Richelle E. Goodrich, Smile Anyway

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