We, or rather Mr. HCB, managed to get everything in the car and we set off just after 8.30 on our way to North Wales. Our friend’s mother, who lives up there and who we are hoping to go and see on Sunday, told us the route they used to take when she and her husband visited Swindon, so that was the way we went.
We had arranged to meet our friends at The Corbet Arms, at Uffington, just outside Shrewsbury and we made good time, enjoying the beautiful and rich autumn colours of the trees, which seem so much more vibrant than those in Wiltshire.

Just before we reached our destination, Mr. HCB asked me if I had seen the deer on our side of the road. I hadn’t but saw them as soon as he pointed them out. With that, a stag and at least 6 other deer started to cross the road in front of us. Fortunately we weren’t going that fast and neither was the car coming in the opposite direction, so we both stopped and let all the deer cross and marvelled at the amazing sight of them as they “squeezed” under the hedge on the opposite side of the road.

Because I had been taking photographs of the trees, I had my phone in my hand and managed to get a few shots; they weren’t brilliant and this one isn’t as sharp as I would like it to be, but I decided to use it as my Blip for today because we may never see a sight like this again.

We know we are in Wales because all the signs are not only in English but also in a foreign language - I said yesterday that going to Wales was like going abroad!

Today I am grateful for:

1. A safe journey - and safe arrival - through beautiful countryside
2. The wonderful sight of a stag and hinds
3. A lovely lunch with special friends

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