What I hadn’t told you is that the first couple of days of our holiday is a guided retreat with a couple who are not only friends but also spiritual mentors to our Church in Swindon and who live in North Wales just half an hour from where we are staying from Thursday onwards.

It rained heavily in the night but before our session this morning we decided to have a wander round their garden. I have been here before, in the summer, but it is quite different now that many of the leaves on the trees have fallen and especially after a night of prolonged rain.

Their garden is divided into “rooms” and no sooner have you admired the beauty in one room than you walk on through to see more in the next one. A feast for the eyes.

Here is a collage showing some of the beautiful flowers still blooming - and also a lovely Japanese maple near the bridge over the pond.

You will notice that Mr. HCB is not wearing his hat - now he’s worried that he will be recognised, so please be gentle with him if you see him in the street - he’s quite shy really!

Thank you so much for all your comments, stars and heart for the deer yesterday - I apologise for not responding but we had quite an intense evening and we need to focus our attention on what is being said in order to get the best out of our time here.

Today I am grateful for:

1. Russ & Lesley, our spiritual mentors
2. Joy and Barry, our special friends
3. The beauty of God’s creation all around us

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