I have been busy this morning putting the finishing touches to the Order of Service for Sunday morning, which is Remembrance Sunday in the UK as I am leading the service.  However, before that, and because it was a sunny morning, I wanted to take a photograph of our beautiful little acer, so put on my fleece and shoes and went into the garden.

After a night of almost continual rain, it was good to be out there in the sunshine and it wasn’t that cold.  I enjoyed seeing the sun filtering through the sycamore trees just outside our fence and because there are still plenty of leaves on the trees, the sunlight was bouncing off them and they looked so beautiful - in varying shades of yellow and green, but I had set my mind on the acer, so here it is, looking good against our blue fence.

I must admit that I have done a bit of fartnarkling with my Prisma app and this is the result for Abstract Thursday. Mr. HCB has suggested that we go out to a garden centre this afternoon, and it beats doing housework, but I suppose I will need to do some soon as the dust is getting rather thick in places and now the sun is shining, it does show it up more.  However, I have plenty of dusters, so if any visitors are  offended by my dust, I will hand them a duster and point them in the right direction;  they may, of course, decide to leave quickly, but it’s their choice!

I think Erma Bombeck is “spot on” with these two quotes:

“My theory on housework is, 
     if the item doesn't multiply, 
          smell, catch fire, or
               block the refrigerator door, 
                    let it be. 
No one else cares. 
     Why should you?” 

“My idea of housework 
      is to sweep the room with a glance.” 

Erma Bombeck

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