Before I went over to the Radio Station this morning for the Girls About Town programme, I decided to have a little wander around the garden, as there are still quite a few flowers blooming.  In particular, the trailing Nasturtiums seem to be rambling all over the place and I rather liked this one with the Salvia "Amethyst Lips" in the background.  

Mr. HCB grew the Nasturtiums from seed and planted them around the runner beans to keep the black fly away, the idea being that they go onto the Nasturtiums, leaving the runner bean flowers free of blight.  However, he had quite a few, so others were planted in the long flower border, but now he keeps saying he needs to clear them out, but I have been asking him to leave them because I still think many of the flowers are blip worthy - I  might need to tie him down so that I win this battle!

Further along in one of the “holding” beds, there was a lone poppy - see extra - just about to pop out of its little pod.  When I got home, it had burst out and was standing up well in the rain, so I went out and took a photograph of it, just in case it’s not there for the Flower Friday challenge.

It’s quite a cold day again today and with the rain, it seems even colder, but I guess we are now into November so should expect this sort of weather.  We have decided not to go out this afternoon, so Mr. HCB is doing another jigsaw puzzle and I need to do the podcast for the Girls About Town programme;  the heating is on, we are warm and toasty, so what could be better?  

The programme today went well - see extra for our usual selfie - when we chatted about lots of different and interesting things from the books that Angela had written, Jo’s Book Club and I had found an article in a magazine on “How to get fit whilst waiting for the kettle to boil”, although we all agreed that decluttering a woman’s handbag would probably take more time than that!   I even managed to do a “shout out” for Blip this morning, so who knows, we may get a few more members.

“Do not waste time chasing after success 
     or comparing yourself to others. 
Every flower blooms at a different pace. 
     Excel at doing what your passion is 
          and only focus on perfecting it. 
Eventually people will see what you are great at doing, 
     and if you are truly great, 
          success will come chasing after you.” 
Suzy Kassem 
Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

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