Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Dinas Powys Walk

Mrs BB and I did Walk 6 of the Vale Trails Walks, a series of Leaflets of walks in the Vale area of Glamorgan. The 5 mile walk was around Dinas Powys, a small village just outside Cardiff.

I don't know the village well and was impressed with it's mix of housing and lovely countryside. One of the Officers I worked with in the mid 1980's, Alistair Kennedy, left the job to open a restaurant in the square and we went for a meal there. The business wasn't a success. What I remember about him was that he was a contestant on Blind Date and Cilla Black was the host. Alistair made his choice of women and the curtain was pulled back to reveal the woman he'd chosen. Alistair wasn't impressed with his choice and showed that disappointment on his face!

We enjoyed the walk which was very scenic. My pick of photo's shows the foot path through Cwm George woods with it's lovely beech and sycamore trees. Very autumnal in feel.

Afterwards we visited my mum and dad......mum's shoulder is mending well. My dad and I collected a large bag of windfall apples from his trees which are now bare from the recent winds.

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