Number 889 - Fort Steilacoom, Washington

“Place your hand over your heart, can you feel it? That is called purpose. You’re alive for a reason so don’t ever give up.” – Unknown

From 1849 to 1868 Fort Steilacoom was one of many military bases around Puget Sound  to protect the settlers and the cities that were popping up everywhere..

Around 1869 the military handed over the property to the Washington Territory and it reopened in 1871 as a Insane Asylum. From 1876 to 1953 they buried 3,218 people in this cemetery. Because of the stigma of mental health issues during this time, people were buried by a number. Today there are volunteers reaching out to descendants and asking for permission to place a headstone with name. Great work has been done so far including one marker from a soldier from the American Civil War.. It is very eerie though seeing a field with that many people buried and only a handful of headstones..

In the extras you have a solitary cormorant and as soon as I saw a kingfish, I got one picture off and it took off.. It's a little bright but.. 

An easy day today, a long but easy day tomorrow.. I'm glad the weather is going to warm up to 50 F / 10 C the rest of the week..  

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