It's all pressure .....

..... biking along under the cliffs.

For about 2.5 months now, roadworkers have been placing new pipes in the road running along under the cliffs. It's been a very difficult job as they've found large patches of rock, which have had to be drilled out, slowly and tediously.

In the meantime, cyclists have to run bike the gauntlet, as there aren't any bike lanes at present. Most drivers are patient and are happy to go slower for the bikers, but some get very impatient. However! the road surface is still really quake damaged, so a slower speed is better for vehicles and bikers alike.

I loved this biker's bright red top! Such a lovely splash of colour.

There were some agile dogs on the beach too - check out Extras.

I've been trying out a 1.4 teleconverter with my long lens. Fun!

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