Not The Sharpest Knife In The Drawer

It's a good thing that my garage is wide.  When I'm paying attention, I  line the car up with the crack in cement which runs down the middle of the floor.  That keeps me centered.  Ever since I bought my new Civic (12/2012), I've had trouble finding the sweet spot as to how far to pull in.  You'd think I'd be used to the larger model by now...but noooooo! Sometimes I pull in so far that I don't have enough room to walk around the front of the car to leave. Lately, it hasn't been quite far enough.  I  realized it a few days ago when the garage door was closing.  It's supposed to sense when an object is in it's way and stop.  I think it recognized that the car was there but came down just enough to tap the trunk before stopping.

So, I've come up with a solution.  I carefully placed the car into the perfect location.  Then I made a light mark on the wall and pulled the car out of the garage.  I picked up  the only paint can I had, this orange neon, and marked the spot so large I will never miss it.

I'm either an idiot or a genius...probably a bit of both.

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