Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

Spectre's Secret Base

We started motoring at sunrise.  There were large shoals of baitfish with what might have been Tuna chasing them not to mention the Frigate Birds and Petrels.  Fish literally jumping out of the water to get away from the Tuna.
We arrived at Targus cove and after breakfast went ashore.  There was graffiti – Mario was here, etc from the 1920s and so on.  We walked up a hill and around a caldera with a lake in the middle.  Fabulous views back to the ship.  We decided it must be the Galapagos base for Spectre and we expected it to open revealing a masterminds headquarters.

When we got back to the ship we went for a snorkel.  There were penguins around and Peter managed to snorkel with one.  I had the experience of the cormorant going past which fortunately did not peck me as it did others.  I saw an iguana feeding and the usual assortment of turtles and so on.  Back for lunch and then we moved down the coast a bit to lower Finch town or Urvina Bay.  It was our first wet landing on the beach were turtles laid eggs.  Lots of birdlife, two land tortoises (a first) and fisherman off the coast with large numbers of frigate birds.  On the way back we saw mating turtles.
A briefing at 7pm, then dinner.  An early start for tomorrow.

I have put a land Iguana up in the extra.  A little less scary looking then the Marine Iguanas.

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