Getting the sparkle back

By DomesticGoddess

Nothing better to do?

Back at Craiglockhart Pond. It was difficult to believe that these gulls were fighting over what seemed to be a bit of leaf. The fight continued, with more gulls joining in. However, I'm pleased to relate that the gull who dived to get this bit of leaf managed to retain it, but I didn't see it actually eat it.

Otherwise there was a male goosander, but no females, the usual collection of a few coots and moorhens, a number of mallards, quite a lot of tufted ducks with the males still coming into their breeding plumage, the swan family of course, a few immature herring gulls (I think), and numerous quarrelsome black-headed gulls, including this pair. I didn't see the immature little grebe, but it might just have been skulking in the shadows.

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