Bitten By The Bittern Bug - Smitten

It was late in the day but I always think positive so I went to Fishers Green in the hope of spotting a bittern. A few people in the hide, including a man with a lens like a bazooka, had seen it earlier. He left and others arrived. It reappeared, I would never have spotted it if I had been on my own as it is so perfectly camouflaged. The light was failing and I was shooting into it. Such a dilemma deciding which settings to use. It didn't help that a reed was hanging over the channel where it was prowling making focusing difficult.

To the surprise of us all it briefly took to the air at 16:17 and I managed the above shot. After that we all strained our ears to hear it crashing about in the reeds making its sleeping platform. I commented to the woman next to me that we were exhibiting strange behaviour, sitting in a shed in semi-darkness watching a bird get ready for bed. She laughed and said that it's addictive. The bittern is one of the rarest breeding birds in the UK.

Today's poem is i carry your heart with me(i carry it in by EE Cummings

I find the way EEC puts his poetry on paper with no capitals and weird spacing and punctuation very irritating. However I've just listened to him reading today's poem. The weird style of his isn't evident in the spoken word and the verse comes across as a very sincere and affecting love poem. I quite like the look of him too. I've just read that he said that women are always right. :)  

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