Feeding Time

Another lovely day at Whinfell Forest Center Parcs with the family! 

A morning visit to the Subtropical Swimming Paradise where I was even braver than yesterday! I went to the outdoor pool again but also, this time I PUT MY FACE UNDERWATER AND OPENED MY EYES! Yes, me, who doesn't like getting splashed or getting her face wet in a swimming pool or in a shower! I was told to use the waterproof camera by putting my head under and looking at what I was taking a shot of! Then I went on 2 of the slides. Blimey!

Afternoon was treat time. We left the menfolk and the children and headed off to the spa. On the way we stopped for a picnic and #1 Daughter had the idea of feeding my discarded crusts to the gulls. This annoyed #2 Daughter as she had made the nice sandwiches. (The Man had told her to cut my crust off as I wouldn't eat them!)

On to the spa! Wow! A very quiet spacious place. We went in saunas, the bar, steam rooms, the swimming pool, the bar.....What a lovely, special time with my two girls!

Now, following on from this morning's wet face experience, I was willing to try more. We had a pool to ourselves and I noticed how well #1D swam underwater so, I would have a go, too. They made me try to sit on the bottom of the pool. I couldn't! They made me try to swim down and touch the bottom. I couldn't! They said I couldn't have another Prosecco unless I touched the bottom of the pool with my hand . I tried even harder and still failed.

They are so kind, they were proud of what I had tried and still bought me my drink! Thank you girls!

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