Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Yes, it was -2° C as I stood in this outdoor pool at Whinfell Forest, Center Parcs.

Only a few miles from home for us! #2 Daughter and Partner, #1 Daughter, Husband and the 2 Little Tykes, the Man and I are staying in a lodge at Center Parcs for a few days. It was a frosty, sub zero morning but I just had to go out and try the open-air pool. 

First blip with a little waterproof camera. Not at all good but fun to have for these occasions.

I had to leave the family and go out in the evening as we were giving a practical session on studio portraiture to a local camera club. A great night, just a long walk in the dark back to our lodge. Thankfully #2 Daughter and partner came to act as guides to make sure I got back!

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