Tired of Pizza

We met Meg’s brother* at our local Taqueria for lunch and the Dominoes pizza delivery truck parked in front caught my eye. I’m pretty sure I had already figured out who the driver was. He was inside taking his time savoring every bite of the Mexican meal before him.

The weather appears to have turned for real today it has been cold and dark all day, and is now starting to rain! OilMan is picking the last of the tomatoes so he can pull the vines and put them in the compost bin.

We finally located our front door. The shipping people are extremely busy and just hadn’t had a chance to call and arrange for a delivery date. I’m guessing that this is a preview of the future. Right now the town is full of green ServPro trucks...the people who do flood, fire and smoke remediation and cleaning. I’m sure they will soon be replaced by contractors’ trucks and construction delivery trucks.

Our front door will be delivered on Monday. I hope we can assemble enough people to unload and install it. It would be especially nice if it isn’t cold and raining!But I’m not going to push my luck....


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