The Language of Ice...

These crystals made me think of writing, numbers, an alphabet, in some strange language. I see Ps, Vs, an A, a D, and an R. Is that an L or an I? Numerically I can see 1's, and at a slight push there are  some zeroes too. I can't see a 5 at all, which is a pity because I was hoping to see the number 1500, for apparently this is my 1500th Blip!
Edit - amandoAlentejo points out that the Roman MD=1500, and there's definitely an MD there!   Many thanks aA!
A big thank you to everyone who makes Blipfoto a place I want to visit every day. Thanks for all the comments, stars and faves, and for the inspiration I get from your images.
My apologies for not commenting as much as I feel I should, but life gets in the way sometimes.

(Icy Scale - it's about 30 cm, a foot, from left to right in the image.)
There's an extra today too - Geese, out on thin ice.
The night of frost meant most of the lake is covered in ice. A large flock of geese are standing on the ice, while a family of five swans occupied the remaining pool of open water. The swans flew off as we got closer and the geese started to walk slowly away.  As they walked the ice sometimes broke under them so the flock set up a weird tinkling noise as they moved. It also seemed hard for them to fly. They'd start their take off run and on the second or third pace the ice gave way and they crashed into the water, most inelegantly!
It's frosty again tonight so tomorrow the ice will be a little stronger and I guess they'll be able to take off. Then I suppose they'll be gone, headed southwards to open water.

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