Boogie Nights

I met up with EllisRoger for a very pleasant pint and chat in The Britons Protection. Returning I walked past Deansgate Locks.

I received an e-mail today from the Canal and Rivers Trust promoting an Open Locks weekend in three weeks time. The three day event takes place here - I presume the canal is being drained for maintenance purposes.

Friday night is being promoted as Hacienda Club Classics night. The legendary, and long gone, Hacienda Club stood nearby. It is apparently a once in a generation opportunity to boogie in a 200 year old canal basin. It is suggested that sensible footwear is worn as this is a working environment. I am not convinced that boogieing and sensible footwear is a winning combination.

The apartment block (branded “Axis”) in the background is emerging from a tiny footprint of a site. Which is why it splays out from all sides. One of those buildings that only happens when the market heats up.

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