Looking Out To Sea

Another lovely morning, another lovely run – my last of the week.  It was very still and calm on my outward leg, and the sun appeared just in time for my return leg – it was glorious.

Granny and grandad headed off home this morning.  After they had gone, we went for a wander in the sunshine, taking in the usual sights.  After lunch we drove to St Andrews.  Once again we parked by the West Sands and today the beach was packed – such a contrast to Monday. We went to the Castle, where BB headed straight for the mine and countermine and then hung over the bottle dungeon to see what had been dropped in it recently.  Next stop was the cathedral where we went up St Rule’s Tower and admired the view.  Just at the point we were on the top a really dark cloud came over, which spoiled our viewing.  However looking out to sea, BB once again spotted the Bell Rock lighthouse – such good and young eye sight!  We then had another tour of the bookshops, with a stop off at Nardini’s.  We walked back along the beach in the almost dark, then went to pick TT up from Leuchars station.

The boys bonded over a superhero film, while I knitted.

Here is BB on the beach at St Andrews.  You can just spot the Bell Rock lighthouse in the extra.

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