The Gang

We had a very busy and long day today. It started slowly with breakfast at the patisserie down the block. Then we all trooped to Ile de la Cite. We walked to Sainte Chappelle and walked in. We all felt the magic of the beautiful and peaceful place. I heard people saying "Wow!" as they entered. I love that place and was happy to be there again.

Next we walked down to Norte Dame and again were filled with awe. Afterwards we had lunch and then went to the Shakespeare bookstore. From there we took a long subway ride to a bar in the northwest part of the city where Riitta and Karoline were giving a talk about their book. There were huge pictures from the book on the walls. The bar was filled with people. The talk went well and the atmosphere was warm and friendly. We ate, drank, listened, applauded the gals. And we chatted with many of the attendees. It was fun.

By this time we were all ready to hop on the Metro and head home. What a great day. In the photo are Pirjo, Elisa, Helen, Janet and Joan.

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