Impressionistic Sunrise

Arvin pointed out the sunrise this morning. Rich and beautiful. I fiddled with Topaz Impressions to make it look like a painting.

Busy day... to Old World Deli early to take down my Venice paintings. By the time Trish arrived I was almost finished. We had a good chat with the folks at the deli. Warm and friendly time.

Marleny and her daughter arrived very early and did a quicker than usual cleaning. She promised to make up for that next week. Works for me.

Did some business stuff and photo stuff until I got a call from Silverado. They will be opening around the beginning of December and needed a couple of things so I got them together and tootled over there in the afternoon. As usual I really like how that place feels and the folks there. 

Went shopping after and picked up some bird food, veggies and lots of bubbly because it was on sale and I love to drink it and take it to parties. There were many veterans there to share their experiences on Veterans' Day. Thanks to all who serve or have served in the military. Today is your day.

Came home and got back to work on the photos I'm gathering for the Atomic Heritage Foundation.

It's around four and Arvin just got home. Time to relax together before dinner.

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