Sunset Panorama

Quite a busy day today, just the two of us... We started at Miki's getting our haircuts and me my lovely young color... instead of the lovely old white that I currently would have if it weren't for my niece who owns JM Hair Design in Henderson, NV. I decided to change my color when quite a few people thought I was much older than I am. (One thought I was my sister-in-law's mother and I am only seven years older.) But I digress. Miki did the usual wonderful job and it was great to see her. We've known her for a very long time, and her family, so we always want to touch base.

From there we headed to Fourth Corner Frames to drop off a bunch of my paintings. They are having a retrospective of the Bellingham Plein Air Paint Out (PAPO) paintings from the last ten years. I've participated every year so I found 11 paintings I could bring in. (I've done two a couple of years.) I am sure they won't all be in the show but Shari can choose among them. I believe the show opens a week from yesterday. I'll be there and so will Arvin.

We went home for a short time and then decided to head down to the open house at the Chuckanut Bay Gallery. They were having a sale and there was something there I've been jonesing for for a long time... so I bought it. I'll have to blip it one of these days. It's a wonderful bird sculpture using vintage things. Very nice.

As we were heading home from that visit I noticed the sky was looking promising for a good sunset. So we took a detour to Boulevard Park to wait to see what would happen. What you see here is the result. Pretty darn wonderful. As the sun set it got very cold and we both about froze. But it was so beautiful I couldn't leave until the sun had fully set.

Arvin was a good sport so we stopped at Il Rinconcito for Mexican dinner on the way home. He wanted to and I agreed. We've been going there since we moved here in the 90's. We don't go often but when we do the folks there always greet us with kindness and welcome. It adds to the pleasure of the meal.

When we got home we were ready for some quiet time watching TV and relaxing. Turned into a very fine day.

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