Little Bird, Little Bird

I hear these words as song in my mind from "Man of La Mancha." It is Arvin's favorite musical and we listen to it frequently as we did today. This little bird is the one I bought as my Christmas and birthday present from Arvin. It is about six inches tall and very pretty.

Today we went to see "Arrival" with my brother and sister-in-law. I got messed up on the time and we arrived just in time to see the entire movie. I really liked it. It is science fiction of a cerebral nature, not visceral with action and blood and gore. It was so very well done. Loved the concept and the acting was good too.

After the movie we ate at Luna Bistro and came home right after. Dave and Nora had to get home to let their dog have a walk and to watch the Seahawks game on their large screen TV. We came home and are now just relaxing. Arvin wants to know what is next as he frequently does. When I said TV he was not thoroughly amused. I reminded him we had already seen a movie and gone out for dinner. But truthfully he'd like to have some kind of activity or entertainment almost every moment. I just can't manage that. So he said he'd settle for TV. I am quite glad that I never had a job as an activity director. That can get pretty exhausting.

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