Friday - back to Berlin

I had breakfast with Daniel in the morning and was picked up by my driver at 11 am to get to the airport.
I was so tired.
I arrived in Berlin just after 2 and hit the flat an hour later.
Nothing much happened apart from me trying to start packing and clearing up the flat so that not too much will be left for tomorrow when I am flying back to Glasgow.
Werner my neighbour popped by and we had some very interesting conversations about alternative medicine, space and nano technology in healing and many other quite exciting stuff. He is very knowledgeable and I was mainly an amazed listener.
He also gave me some rather revolutionary stuff to try which helps the body to remember how it should be and triggers the bodies self-healing process ....
I need to look into that more an try it. Will report.

No real photos from the day, so I took a picture of Fiona and my photo booth strip from Monday. You know, I like the Photoautomat.


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