There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

That Looks Like a Tasty Morsel!

A quick stop at Millbrook Marsh on my way to work. As I came around a corner on the boardwalk, I startled a blue heron fishing in the shallows of Thompson Run. It immediately took off - FWOOP! FWOOP! FWOOP! - over my head. Alas, I was not quick enough on the camera to get off a shot.

I walked the boardwalk quickly, and was on my way back, when a pale blur of feathers passed me. Something big! An owl? No, a hawk! Some birder friends helped me determine later that it was a red-tailed hawk, most likely a juvenile.

It sat on the lowest branch of the tree near me, with a piercing look, cocking its head this way and that, staring into the underbrush. "My, that looks like a tasty morsel!" it seemed to be saying. I felt fortunate I was the size I am, and not any smaller!

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