2017 Cup Day

After a cool cloudy start to the day  .. the sun did show her face at times to warm things up a little as there was a cold wind at times.

It was a early start for me.. I left the house at 7am to get my hair done. As soon as I got home John was waiting to leave to go out to breakfast. It is the only time we ever have breakfast out. And it was the best one I have had for some time.

We got to the raceway just after 10am so we could get a good seat as they are hard to come by if you arrive any later! The big excitement apart from the Cup race was the fire alarm went off just before the third race. We had to all evacuate the building which took a long time. It was a false alarm but had to be checked out. Getting back into the building again as we were on the second floor took a long time too.

It was a good day and we had a little win each. After the races we went out for a meal and we didn't get back home until after 9pm.

Here is a link and that will tell you about the cup winner, Lazarus and photos of the day. My photos were taken with my little travel camera and behind glass so aren't the best quality. 

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