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By ajt


Interesting day today. I'm using some new technology at work, it's great and powerful and all that stuff, but at the same time it's new and sometimes frustrating learning how it works and how best to use it. Towards the end of the afternoon, I made the breakthrough I wanted and lots of things fell into place very quickly. As a result the project managed asked me to go back into the office tomorrow and have a chat with someone about the next development - which means a silly o'clock start.

After work I celebrated my breakthrough with a swim in town and then came back home for dinner. After dinner I checked my work email - more by fluke than design and the chap I was going in to see said to not bother, as something had come up and he would be busy so I probably can stay at home and go into work as normal next week instead. It's a bit of luck, as I don't need to speak to him as I still have work to do, it was only something to do to get a head start on my next development.

To be honest going into the office is mostly a physically tiring thing on me, getting up early and arriving home early. The office environment isn't bad, but it is more productive to work at home once I have a sizeable piece of work to work at. Getting feedback from people is easier in person, as are discussions, but I don't need them every day.

As long as I can go in just once per week, I think working from home is generally more a productive use of my time and I think my work is of a better quality too.

Anyhow today's blip are some flowers I photographed at lunch time. After I'd had my lunch I emptied the recycling bin and compost, and as it was reasonably good light I took this picture. After lunch the light was very nice and it would have been good to go for a bike ride, but I'd already had my break by then and I had planned to go swimming after work so I didn't need to go for a bike ride.

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