By Salina_Magar

Prayer is the supreme answer!

Like my childhood opponents, my sins aren’t concerned in making calm with me. My sin will push down deeper and louder until it destroys me. All of my endeavors to make peace with it will be futile. My efforts to become flesh’s friends will be costly. I can't afford to treat my sin the way I treated my human opponents. The reality of obedience unrelenting work in my life made me a fighter against aggressive which desperately makes my life change with the progressive way that's endure as my achievement. And for all this, prayers have the greatest answer in my.

We believe that all who are justified will victory the fight of faith. We lay our prayers to God, the similar prayers we have repeated dozens of times, days, months and probably year and years waiting to have abounded miracles upon our prayers. Praying by hoping the miracle will take place in our living. Waiting for his answers to come with blessing miracles withdraw mercy with his grace in our scrupulous request. We keep on keeping and struggling in our daily life.

Then, the suddenly God answers you telling that pray the same prayer one more time or walk in devotion down a particular path again... One more time God? One more time is the reply.

God hears our prayers; we have to be well-built and shouldn’t leave our faith to drown! As long as God still places that encumber in our heart, continue to pray in faith. For God is able in his name we overcome, he will never fail us.

God is faithful and commendable to be trusted with our prayer for the day, the month or the years of our life. Sometimes perseverance doesn't look like shining diamonds and sophisticated conformity to the commands God. Sometimes it doesn't look like effervescent pleasure every time you heed his name. Sometimes it looks like Jacob, wrestling in the shady with a god we cannot see, holding quick to him, refusing to let go, no matter how hard it gets. Genesis 32:22-31

It comes from being dedicated to your goal, and from believing in yourself and in true goal possibility. It borrows strength from resilience and optimist and brushes elbows with daring along the way.


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